​Back when quality cameras weighed north of twenty pounds and took special classes to properly operate, a good photo studio paid for itself. Even if you grew up poor, chances are you had at least a few family photos taken at a professional studio. They were a necessity, and everyone knew it. Nowadays, studio-quality cameras can fit in your pocket, complete with top-of-the-line editing software. It’s easy for a local to think that a photo studio rental in Denver is some extravagant luxury. An outdated relic of a different time. But more straightforward access to high-quality photography equipment also means more competition if you want your photos to stand out. Renting a studio gives you the edge in that competition.


​Challenges Of Home Photography

​Your house has the benefit of being your home. It’s personal. It’s intimate. It’s familiar. And, best of all, it’s free. You are going to take a lot of photos in and around your home through the years. Why should you worry about a photo studio rental in Denver when you’re already paying for a Denver home? The answer is simple: You do it for the exact same reason you paid for studio-quality pictures twenty years ago. Sometimes, you need a photo that\ stands above the rest, and the same things that make your home livable also reduce your photo quality.● Sunlight pouring through windows ruins your lighting.● Messes in the background detract from the focus of the picture.● Pets and children dart through the background.● Children get distracted by their favorite toys or shows and won’t be still.

​Your Pictures Deserve to Stand Out

​Just the benefit of being in a different space is almost enough to make a photo rental studio in Denver worth it, all on its own. Having a dedicated location that you go to to take pictures specifically helps put your brain in the mind space for peak photography. But any photo studio, or for that matter, any place you don’t ordinarily go to, can put you in that headspace. Why is our studio the studio your pictures deserve? Our studio allows you the comfort and creative freedom of home photography combined with the props, backdrops, and professional photography lighting. We offer props as small as stools or as big as beds. We offer tools as simple as apple boxes to adjust the heights of your subjects and as complex as reflectors and rolling walls to ensure your photos look absolutely flawless. And we do that all in a comfortable space with a comfortable meeting area and Bluetooth connections so you can jam out to tunes while you work.


​Not a photographer? Not a problem.

Our photo rental studio in Denver is more than just that. The same amenities that make it such a comfortable location for taking photos also make it a prime location for any number of events. Our ample open space mixed with our Bluetooth hookup makes this the perfect space for conducting a yoga class. We’re near enough to downtown to make us a viable stop during your lunch break while being far enough away that the noise won’t ruin your zen. The same space is perfect for all kinds of events. Get creative! Birthday parties, baby showers, private dinners, Dance classes, this space is built to handle it all! Come check us out! http://www.mystudiodenver.com

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